Jesula is the apple of her mother’s eyes. Her mother, abandoned by family and friends, struggles for 18 years to put her through school, and to provide her with a decent life with the hope that Jesula will keep the promise of assuring a better future for her, and to make everyone acknowledge her with dignity and respect. What happens when life takes a different turn? Does Jesula keep her promise to her mother? Or does she let arrogance take the best of her and forgets her background? Be prepared to take a journey as you experience all aspects of true love through ‘Unconditional Love’.

Unconditional Love is a story by Anne Joseph, directed by Hans Patrick Domercant
Starring: Reginald Lubin, Betty Lemite, Anne Joseph…

Full Credits
Written by Anne Joseph
Directed by Hans Patrick Domercant
Assistant Director Marcus Darbouze
Visual Effects by Hans P Domercant
Edited by Hans P Domercant
Camera : Hans Patrick Domercant and Marcus Darbouze
Director of Photography : Hans Patrick Domercant
Executive Producers : Anne Joseph, Jude Pierre Philippe
Boom Operators : Hugues Reynald Lubin, Joel Telisma, Benoit Alfred, Marcus Darbouze

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  • Dr. Clmd 5 years ago

    This trailer for Unconditional Love has a lot of potentials for a good movie. I like the angles and the distance shots. hopefully it has a well develop plot and talented actors