Jimmy Jean-Louis stars as the title character in what will be a 2-part TV-movie, and he’s joined by French actresses Aïssa Maïga (Paris, Je T’Aime, Bamako) as Toussaint’s wife, Suzanne, and Sonia Rolland (Moloch Tropical, Midnight In Paris) as Marie-Eugénie Sonthonax, wife of abolitionist L.F. Sonthonax.

Expected to air on the French network sometime in 2012, no specific date has been given yet, nor whether we can expect the film to travel.

Toussaint L’ouverture is directed by Philippe Niang.

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  • This is upmost! Its about time. I thought I was going to bring it out. Peoples please put a comment if you see it. I will be searching for it.

    • Dieujustefedlin 6 years ago

      This movie make me proud when I’m watching the trailer I can’t wait to this movie I just want to know when this movie going to be release Thats good movie I never see and my life keep my Haitian proud one love

  • Rpkjoseph63 6 years ago

    i’m hopping haitian parent’s and their kid’s watch this movie maybe something might click their at least they can start feeling proud to themself again.i know a movie is not going to make a different but it will let our youth the one that does’nt know to have a well understant what it feel like been the most incredible force’s of unity in the world.

  • Dante 6 years ago

     haitien nan diaspora men sa ki rele film tande…


  • Joliebois10 6 years ago

    I can’t stop the tears from eyes. Finally the story of my people is going to be told. I want to see this movie.

  • CinemaMe 4 years ago

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