OGOU LE REVENANT is an action-thriller set in Port-Au-Prince about the death, the return and the retribution wrought by a man whose world is turned inside out after a massive betrayal. OLR takes us through the real Port-Au-Prince, its grit and beauty brought to cinematic height and it also gives the audience a view into real voudou, separate from hackneyed Hollywood distortions, bringing to the narrative a more nuanced and vivid portrayal. A revenge story driven by love that is lost, this telling brings the world the ultimate anti-hero, a Haitian superhero – a zombie vigilante.

Two years after a covert operation that devolved into a flash of treachery, Ogou Millicent, presumed dead, has risen. His mind, haunted by the last faces he saw, is now controlled by a singular dark vision – vengeance. Our story begins at a drug-bust that sends Ogou, member of an elite Haitian tactical squad, unknowingly to his demise. Bewildered and riddled by the flash of gunfire, the scene ends in smoke and shards of light. Ogou is gone. Left behind are the ones who were supposed to have his back, including his best friend Somen Muffon, his colleague Norio Dugin and even his fiancée, Sophia Guillen. In the aftermath, we are left with characters whose complex motives and grey morality play out in thrilling, unpredictable discovery.

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