New movie directed by Jean Gardy Bien Aime staring Fritz Buissereth and Jean Corvens Rosier (Dezirab).

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  • veyeyo 7 years ago

    I think Jean Gardy runs out of History and also the trailer has nothing that makes you want to see the movie. Guys, in the beginning you’re were doing great, but now there is no inspiration.

  • Harry 7 years ago

    Veyeyo, before you hate on someone please correct your grammatical errors. what you wrote doesn’t make any sense. Jean Gardy Bienaime is on of the best haitian filmaker. Stop hating

  • G9concept 6 years ago

    lol that’s good. I think I might like it. Good job guys !!! keep up the good work.

  • Junior D. Gelin 4 years ago

    Good job!!