A story about a young Haitian who just came to America just to live with her true love and find out that she wasn’t the one for him and become a player.

Directed by Charmy M.

Studio: 2B Film Inc.

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  • kurosawa 7 years ago

    just another one

  • Patrick 7 years ago

    Yon lot bouyi vide…Guys that’s enough please we can’t take it any more, making movie is an arts.

  • the boss 7 years ago

    sispann kritike ki sa ou vo hater

  • NADINE 7 years ago

    mesye sispann fe jan de fim sa yo pran on ti tan pou nou panse tou, paske sa yo se kraze mache ayisenn nan, oubyen bay lot mounn kap fe bonbagay yo chans yo…

  • Kliff 7 years ago

    Menm nom film nan se you radot… Neg sa yo pa respekte figi moun

  • the boss 7 years ago

    Nadine ou gen le te fe yon neg sa ,se sak fe ou fache ,this is a movie based on a true story .ALE LI SYPNOSIS FILM NAN ANVAN OU PALE OK .

  • HATERKILLER 7 years ago


  • truecritics 7 years ago

    is that supposed to be an ation movie or a scrary one cmon yall,leave all this video copilot for something else. learn how to do trailer.

  • HATERKILLER 7 years ago

    kliff ou pa menm pale kreyol ok sispann hate

  • HATERKILLER 7 years ago

    truecritics you will get to understand this workflow in 2020 k bro you so 2000 late try to catch up k this is movie not home video .HATER

  • the boss 7 years ago


  • PETER 7 years ago

    mezanmi kom yo di fok gen tout kalite moun sou terre la poul te ka fe sens se vre si nou gen ke poun di vie trailer sam we a bon chapo ba chak pin gen fromaj yo vre ki sak pral gen de interesan nan film sa yon neg kap mache fe sex ak medames yo merci anpil epi tou depi sou nom film la ou ka we tout bagay GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • jason 7 years ago

    kile nap stop fe radot nou mem nan 2bfilm.. Se sak fe se mem fanm ak neg yo ki toujou nan film nou yo, movie sa yo san sans ti misie.. It’s time to make real movies guys we have enough in the HMI already..

  • the boss 7 years ago

    u dont know what team means … go ask TYLER PERRY why he always got the same people in his movie ……. “I LUV HATER UR MY FUEL U KEEP ME GOING”

  • HATERKILLER 7 years ago

    peter fe yo li sypnosis trailer ya pou ou , trailer ya explike tet li fe ti moun lakay ou yo li trailer ya pou ou kom m ka we ou pa pale angle ……..”DONT HATE THE PLAYER HATE THE GAME “.

  • HATERKILLER 7 years ago


  • HATERKILLER 7 years ago


  • kurosawa 7 years ago

    haterkiller stop being a groupie,N LET THE OBJECTIVE HATE MANIFEST.

  • kurosawa 7 years ago


  • CHARMY .M 7 years ago


  • souldjah dude 7 years ago

    to tell you the truth, I dont see anything wrong with the trailer and i’d love to see the movie. I understand charmy did too many movies this year only but his movies have the best quality ever. Maybe he just needs a good team to work him, help him, direct him etc… you guys are criticizing him the wrong way. you need to tell him what he needs to do/change instead of cursing. Movie Lakay is doing a great job by giving these producers a chance so you guys need to stop and give professional advice.

    i’m out – good luck charmy and all haitian filmmakers out there.

  • L'homme 7 years ago

    CHARMY got great vision but he has bad co-workers. I was an extra in one of his movies – he knew what he was doing but got too much on himself. He was the cameraman, director, sound guy and worst of all he wasn’t using any tripod – he was holding the camera the whole time – how hard is that? I felt sorry for him because he was screaming at the actors the whole time because some extras was stopping the scene- “I’m the director here, you stop when I say cut” LOL pretty funny. big up to you bro! nuff respect

  • JeRoMe 7 years ago

    ki bagay sa kap pale la. The movie is not even out yet. Why don’t you people unite and bring something positive for the Haitian filmmakers? That’s what I wanna see – we need to bring more resources so they can do better next time. fo nou sispann joure, pote bon kritik pito.

    map tounnen pita anko. ciao

  • kurosawa 7 years ago

    Start by making more short films and documentaries. There ‘s a lot of stuff we dont know about our morther land Haiti, our paintings, literature. Arnold Antonin selman pap ka fel, cine lekol nan Jacmel pa sifi. cinema viej menm jan ak resous natirel nou yo. CHARMY WE LOVE YOU BRO!

  • HATERKILLER 7 years ago


  • kurosawa 7 years ago

    Lol,I luv your vibe Haterkiller, but you’re missing the whole point.

  • JACOB 7 years ago

    Men mesye, nou pa santi nou ba anpil pou nou ap joure avek fanatik, se yo ki pral achte’l fonn gen respe pou yo, si yo di yo pa renmen ide nou, panse pou nou fe lot bagay pa ap plede defan tet nou, se menm nou menm sa ka fe haisyen bay cinema ayisyenn nan do-a…… nou fout bouke CHAMY M. banou on lot bagay ki fe sans.

  • CHARMY.M 7 years ago

    Jacob listen why you pick on me- I respect my fan and I luv them this is not gonna work k bro try something else k ou bouke 25 ou pa bouke.gouden so beat it …..

  • kurosawa 7 years ago

    We luv you Charmy,et malgre tout we need you.


  • I always give credit when credit is due. I must say Charmy has my respect I like the way he sequence his film, ideas and concept. Imay not agree with some of the things he put in his film, because of our kids, but again “IT’S NOT FOR KIDS” It’s for adults please people let’s remember this. Not every movie is going to cater to everyone. I just hope we put the RATED “R” symbols on these films for the sake of our young generations. Hey I have two of my own. As a film maker myself I like the color, sequence and soundtrack of the film. Makes me want to see it. Great Job Sharmy.

  • What is this trailer all about, seriously? I understand that every Haitians are trying to do movies right now. I would highly recommend for your crew to take the time and educate yourselves in the film business before you put out movies like this again. I’ve watched all your plays and none of them can make up for the other. And fellas, as I read all the comments that were left on the page based on the viewers Perspective, not good at all. The fans have spoken so please stop putting all your bouyi vide out there. And also it is very unprofessional to curse out people who leave their critics. That should be a big sign “RED FLAG” THEY DON’T LIKE YOUR WORK DUH. “THIS IS VERY SAD” CURSING AT THE FANS.

  • we all needs to understand movies making is no joke. before you all critized the work of others. you all need to critized yourself first. once, i use to critized movies in general so i decide to do something about it. but now i am the newest member of 2bfilm,thanks to charmy i get to see first hand the stress that is behind it all.so my message to all of you that specialize in critizing the work of others is. if you want to make a diffrent in our community stop bying bootleg you all are part of the problem .appreciate your own first.rather than someone else ,thank you very much for all the comments i will make sure we use them wisely.

  • Sonet 7 years ago

    I would like to thank movie lakay for giving us the chance to give personal opinions on the Haitian movies. I think y’all should keep it professional people. It’s about time that you guys try to work together and bring something different. Let’s tell 2B film staff what they should or shouldn’t do the next time instead of arguing. and hopefully they will listen to us. Now there are no more Haitian theaters in Haiti because of bootleggers. I hate the fact the you keep arguing but you never come up with a solution.

    To charmy, start listening to your fans man – they don’t hate you – they probably don’t appreciate how you’re doing things right not but you gotta listen to their ideas. I understand some Haitian filmmakers live on making films only, I understand that everybody gotta pay the bills – but let’s try to do it the right way. I love your work – good quality but management and production need to improve. good luck in your upcoming projects – Invite those people who left comments to a private screening of your next movies and ask them what should be changed. that’s my advice to you. big shout out to joebama (this guy should be 2B film spokesperson) – he’ll bring changes, PEACE

  • to all the fans of 2bfilm ,thank you for all your concern .The director and i are working diligently to bring changes within our production, however, there will be movies that will be filmed by us but not directed by us just thought i’ll let you know.we’re even making changes within our staff.if at any time you all noticed a new movie by 2bfilm,observe who direct it .sometimes the director wants to direct his her own movie. also we are working on new projects and new stories that everyone from all walks of life can relate to. so please, continue sending your comments the next movie by 2bfilm will be called it’s not my time.i will post when we are shooting the movie and i’m invinting any fans to voice there opinion.thank you all thank you movie lakay for giving our fans away for us to know what their thinking.

  • L'homme 7 years ago

    thanks for clearing that up obama – i mean joebama lol. just my opinion. sometimes if you or charmy as the cameraman doesn’t trust a director, you shouldn’t work with him/her. Sometimes it’s not about the money; it’s about your reputation. If you can’t work with a director, just let him/her know. Also you as the cameraman, you can also bring suggestions to a shoot.


  • point taken mr l’homme,however, it is fair to say that the viewers that are watching our movies does not support the work of their own people they rather have their friends make them a copy of a movie instead of going out to buy one we trying our best to bring meaningful movies into your living room with limited resources why limited resource because our culture is very small and yet we’re bootlegging every work our producers are doing so please tell me how do we expect them to advance.

    for the time i’ve been with 2bfilm i;ve come to realize haitian is what they call us but some of our people don’t know what they want as for me i criticized haitian movies a lot and thanks to charmy i got a chance to make a different that’s the step i decide to take in order to make make change now our next movie is call it’s not my time trust me i tried to find haitian support but all i keep getting are word so everything will be coming out of our own pocket that is what i mean when i say limited resource.a message to the african movies producer keep up the good work it’s not your fault if haitian consider african movies are better than Haitian movie we just don’t know how to appreciate our own good work

    back to you mr l’homme thank you for your input i will take your critic in consideration until than we have to learn to crawl before we can walk right now we crawling that is why we shoot other producers movie so we can build capital an my friend that’s the only way we all can make change.

  • the next movie from 2bfilm called (IT’S NOT MY TIME) WRITTEN by ruth joseph procuced by charmy and joebama.thank you.thank you movie lakay.

  • L'homme 7 years ago

    understood joebama. good luck on your next project. We are all in the same business and we need not to argue. I appreciate you take your time to clarify everything.

  • CHARMY .M 7 years ago

    THANKS JOEBAMA ..IM FOCUS MAN THEY SHOULD NOTICE MAN,to all my fans and haters go watch “PA LEVE MEN OU SOU LI ” trailer and post your comments …

  • Bird eyes 7 years ago

    Gade, Tyler is a pro. Souvan li menm ak eddy murphy fe sa, but sa se yon ti minorite nan ensemble lan.

    Joebama? Charmy?
    Banm di nou yon ti parole, gen anpil bagay ke nou pa janm pote atensyon… gen avancement, paske ou k we sa moun panse de film ou, epi parti de sa pou fe yon lot ki mieux.

    monte sou movie lakay ap fe repons, pa gen place li, pito w t vini sou yon lot pseudo, haitien gen problem sa, si w pa ak yo ou kont yo… nan bs ou ye a gen sa.
    fok gen kritik paske se monte sinema ap monte, aksepte l epi pati d li.

    moun ki pale de short film lan, koman yon moun kap viv de cinema pral fe fe short film? le wal nnan contest oubyen festival ak li ou just ka genyen kelke 30.000 a 50.000 grant ak li apre sa ou k pa janm fe kob konsa ankor. m di sa konsa paske realite pa m pa menm jan ak pa nou, men le neg la fe film li, surtout jan ekonomi an ye la si li pa gen yon lot job paralalelman, neg la ta fe yon film chak month pou li take care bills li, menmja li t nan yon job. sa nou pa ka konprann la?

  • HATTERKILLER 7 years ago


  • to charmy:
    you can’t be the greater good. He’s up above! remember life is balance on positive and negative. Therefore, you can’t satisfy everyone. As a film director you should know when to take constructive criticism, and psychologically block the disfunctional criticism out. One peace of advice, use two of your senses= eyes/ears.

  • Bird eyes 7 years ago

    haterkiller, otomatikman mwen ba ou yo, wap we kiles mwen ye, then nou pral rayi m pou pozisyon, mwen prefere rete nan anonymat….
    map ba w yon ti clue, ale sou youtube, gade yon short ki gen over 50.000 viewers, ki shouter a paris, si w ka remarker sa, epi ki gen yon DJ ladan li ak yon gwo truck ki fe aksidan ki exploser, avan yo tal eseye vole sa ki nan trcuk lan yo, chofeur an tap pale kreyol li tap di lap voye kob la pou li plus tard… pa peur, jan explosion en real lan, se 3d li fet avan epi m remplacer yo par moun ak bridge lan exister vre…
    it was one of the work i’ve done ki t fe m proud of me… mete w au boulot, chache li sou youtube, fe moun ede w tou, li sou channel yon design college ki en floride… si w pa we se pa mwen…

    si w ka we sa map di w la

  • HATTERKILLER 7 years ago

    you win

  • this message it for shamy m . mwen menm sel sa map di misye li konn travay anpil, menm sispan mete yon sel kalite moun devan kamera li , gen lot jeune talent cahe al cherche yo , tout la jounen se yon catalog ,amimi , nou tired gade moun sa yo man . konnye a me nou pran nan catalog ak ti jaune nan kouri sa sa vle di man

  • shamy map yon tijan ba ou yon credit pou movie pa leve men ou sou li a , sa mwen we ou vini avek lot kalite figi oh mwen moun ap we wap panse pou future , movie a ou wel sanble yon bagay. come man work wit them young people give them a chance. fe yon kanpe sou catalog ak amimi pou yon ane ,neg sa yo se paret devan camera. bydaway kile movie pa leve men ou sou li a ap soti ? tout moun ap rete tan movie sa man . yon lot kesyon ou ka dim ki moun ki jwe nan movie sa a ?waiting for your answer , mwen se yon big fan ou .from gonaives depui nan chachou boys ok

  • CHARMY .M 7 years ago

    catalog ak ti jaune nan kouri its catalog story its about his pass ,and i just shoot it for him …

  • To all my people from gonaive and to all my fans that support 2bfilm . I would like to say i apologize about last night discussion on the cinema zin show the reason i was very upset on the radio is because i’m tired of working with people that say they my friend but they really not.I would like to ask my fans a question have you ever give people a chance more then 3 better yet 4 and still they haven’t learn anything well that was the reason of my outburst.After reading all of you all comments on movie lakay joebama and i we decide to make change within our crew.

    Well i listen to all of you, but i guess the crew that i was working with did not like that idea i came to find out that they were not really working on changing the image and the negativity in the haitian movie industry rather they was using my talent for their personal use if you get what i mean.

    Now i let out all of my anger about how i feel about the situation but my friend played it very cool so my friend you win you got the best of me but i remember my mother always tell me what goes around come back where.P.S to my friend god i repeat god gave me a talent and with that talent i plan to go far with it my friend i will continued giving you a chance because god said i must forgive but don’t expect for me to forget.So i forgive you for stabing me in the back move than 4 time. So to all of my fans who listen to cinema zin radio show i would like to say please except my apology show .

  • PETER 7 years ago

    Charmy mwen konin wap fe effort menavan ou shoute yon film li script la ou bien fe yon lot moun ki konn script bien analize li pou ou pase ou pa dwe shoute ki ninpot bagay lajan pa supoze few desann valew majorite film ou shoute yo se yon paket histoire lanver lan dwat yo pa gen devan ni deyer pran sanw

  • mwen santim kontan paske ou reponn kesyon yo . so please man we need diferant moun nan business lan ,mwen konnen ou ka fe sa pou nou , jeune ti acteur ki gen swag man , fe yon ti kanpe sou moun sa yo . paske pa gen anyen mwen we ou fe moun sa yo pa ladann man . please man take my words you will see

  • kurosawa 7 years ago

    HATERKILLER, Mr Jaques Roc ak Baba bezwen eklesisman wi, yap chache’w bro. lol

  • HATTERKILLER 7 years ago


  • charmy ou we sa mwen tap pale a , pou neg sa yo they not your friends man they just wanna use ur talent das sit so put them away from you.

  • jobama please next movie ou pwal fe ban bon ti jeune acteur ak actrice ,please nou pa vle figi moun sa yo nan movie ou a nou tired ak yo .ba yo yon break, please man. waiting for your answer ok jo .

  • mr killer thank you very much for your comment (so on the next movie will be (it’s not my time )i understand we all are not perfect however i will listen to you all and i will adhere to my fans request because as a business man i have the knowledge to understand that my fans are my strength if there is no feed back in our production that means we doing something wrong so Mr killer continue leaving us your comment good or bad i will take the words of my friends into consideration thank once again in behalf of 2bfilm i would like peace and love.

  • charmy as u can see my name is steven i was de one that call cinema zin and said dat i will break your chachou boyz cd but i was wrong aswell after listening to u apologizing to cinema zin radio show i have to give it too you bro u are a professional when i hears the guy call amimi talk i think there;s somethin he is hidding his not saying i also can feel it in your voice that u want to say something.but since you were in the air u couldn’t so go on and built your own future these guys are holding you back now i can see that you are starting to make change it look like this guy name joebama is about the smartest guy you got in your crew so take my advice that’s a great start you just need a couple more like him around you.so since the next movie is call is not my time please don’t make it look like the other movie you make i’m looking forward to see your great work and please stop fighting with bird eyes his comment are making you work hard to better your self so good luck charmy and good luck with joebama. by the way is joebama is his real name bcuz dat’s a good combination.

  • mr stenven my name is joseph.r that is where joe came from the bama is from the president bcuz he inspire me so much director charmy is the one that made up that name so i just respond to it.

  • macky laurent 7 years ago

    magdaluna sispan fe moun use ou non ou nan poster ou pa nan movie. gade de kose papa. mwen tander se cousinw kata ye poukisa lipa metew jwe nan movie et nan poster li metew pou movie a ka vann lol.

  • [comment deleted]

    • @zi:
      No cursing is allowed on MovieLakay.com. Please respect the artist and his personal life. (this is your first warning)