A story about a young Haitian who just came to America just to live with her true love and find out that she wasn’t the one for him and become a player.

Directed by Charmy M.

Studio: 2B Film Inc.

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    mwen santim kontan paske ou reponn kesyon yo . so please man we need diferant moun nan business lan ,mwen konnen ou ka fe sa pou nou , jeune ti acteur ki gen swag man , fe yon ti kanpe sou moun sa yo . paske pa gen anyen mwen we ou fe moun sa yo pa ladann man . please man take my words you will see

  • kurosawa

    HATERKILLER, Mr Jaques Roc ak Baba bezwen eklesisman wi, yap chache’w bro. lol



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    charmy ou we sa mwen tap pale a , pou neg sa yo they not your friends man they just wanna use ur talent das sit so put them away from you.

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    jobama please next movie ou pwal fe ban bon ti jeune acteur ak actrice ,please nou pa vle figi moun sa yo nan movie ou a nou tired ak yo .ba yo yon break, please man. waiting for your answer ok jo .

  • http://none joebama

    mr killer thank you very much for your comment (so on the next movie will be (it’s not my time )i understand we all are not perfect however i will listen to you all and i will adhere to my fans request because as a business man i have the knowledge to understand that my fans are my strength if there is no feed back in our production that means we doing something wrong so Mr killer continue leaving us your comment good or bad i will take the words of my friends into consideration thank once again in behalf of 2bfilm i would like peace and love.

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    charmy as u can see my name is steven i was de one that call cinema zin and said dat i will break your chachou boyz cd but i was wrong aswell after listening to u apologizing to cinema zin radio show i have to give it too you bro u are a professional when i hears the guy call amimi talk i think there;s somethin he is hidding his not saying i also can feel it in your voice that u want to say something.but since you were in the air u couldn’t so go on and built your own future these guys are holding you back now i can see that you are starting to make change it look like this guy name joebama is about the smartest guy you got in your crew so take my advice that’s a great start you just need a couple more like him around you.so since the next movie is call is not my time please don’t make it look like the other movie you make i’m looking forward to see your great work and please stop fighting with bird eyes his comment are making you work hard to better your self so good luck charmy and good luck with joebama. by the way is joebama is his real name bcuz dat’s a good combination.

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    mr stenven my name is joseph.r that is where joe came from the bama is from the president bcuz he inspire me so much director charmy is the one that made up that name so i just respond to it.

  • macky laurent

    magdaluna sispan fe moun use ou non ou nan poster ou pa nan movie. gade de kose papa. mwen tander se cousinw kata ye poukisa lipa metew jwe nan movie et nan poster li metew pou movie a ka vann lol.

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    [comment deleted]

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