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The Heavenly Side of Hell

From Tutu Desmosthene, the acclaimed director of The Birth of an Assassin, comes the action-packed movie that will blow your mind. Shot in Miami and Haiti, The Heavenly Side of Hell will hit the theaters soon.

Les 3 Imposteurs (Sa’w fe se li’w we)

Il est tout dans ce film, mecanicien, Matoman, Doctor, Diaspora, Hougan. Lui, Elle et lui un resau de trois mafia, quand il est question de frics, ils sont prets a tout. ( Les 3 Imposteurs) Tout Nouveau film de Greffi...

Remo 3

Remo 3:  a Smith Cassamajor film.  Directed by Charmy M DVD now in stores. Click buy now to order REMO 3 starring Sheila Pierre, Aaron Lassin, Desma Duclair. [View Remo 3 Premiere Photos] Produced by ...


Action movie about a girl who came back from the army to take care of the murderers that took her family's life.  A Film By Desma Duclair Aka Catalogue. Starring Magdaluna Georges aka Mercedes, Vladimir Virgile. No...

Les Talents de la Rue

Les Talents de la Rue is a new film directed by Robenson Lauvince. Starring artists from Gabel, Rock Fam, I&I Click and more. Written and Directed by Robenson Lauvince Director of photography and Visual FX:...


"Suzanne" - starring Emase Joseph, Julio Paul, Delucia Gaudin, Wilfrid Joseph, Beau-Soleil, Sam, Nirva Calixte, Wilcie Dorat. Scenario: Wilfrid Joseph Directeur de Production: Erns D. Robillard Realisateur: Cesar...

The Birth Of An Assassin

BUY it now on DVD! After rescuing Rachel (Sheila Mocombe) from the Haitian mafia, Phillipe (Marc Anthony Delerme) has been tested by the power of the Haitian mob which will spawn an assassin. The Birth Of An Assas...


What happens to a married man when he lives at home and falls into a world of adultery. Ce film raconte l'histoire dun groupe d'ami qui decide un jour de faire une aventure sentimentale en dehors du cadre de leur r...

Men Rat La 2

Sorry, no preview available. This film is rated TV-MA // (Mature Audience only)

Gwo Siwo’w Nan Lobo

Gwo siwo se yon neg ki pa gen ban'n kap pran vayagra ki gen Fan m padra. Madan Gwo siwo ak 2 pitit li ti Siwo ak ti cliff men madanm Gwo siwo se yon Fan'm ki sitelman cho li pi mal pase yon dife ki toujou anvi. Men na...


Natalie is a psychological thriller based on the history of a family having a girl "Natalie" (Juliette Milord) who has a secret and she will do anything to protect it. Directed by Samuel Vincent

Men Rat La

THIS DVD CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT, ABSOLUTELY NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE. Cine Vision and Mass Konpa Production Present: "Men Rat La" Starring Mideleine Lubins, Frantz Design, Claude Pier...

Le Choix de Ma Mere

Le Choix de Ma Mere movie is a breath taking story by Charmy .M and Vladimir play in St. Marteen Islands. - Love, Drama, Regret a 2B movie

Fanm Se Rat

"Tout fanm se fanm tout fanm pa menm''. Dans ce cas, est-il possible qu'un homme trouve la femme idéale? Encore une fois, Wilfort Estimable vous invite à entrer dans son univers pour découvrir si c'est possible ...


A Smith Cassamajor FILM.  On DVD now.

Remo 2

On DVD Directed by: Smith Cassa Major (2008)

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