Calling all inspiring actors, directors, producers, script writters, stage light designers, sound engineers, stand-up comics, beauty queens, ladies’ men and everyone in between. This is your lucky day. Movie Lakay casting calls are looking for you! Yes, you!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be Movie Lakay’s latest, greatest reality star? Want to share an intimate or entertaining aspect of your life with the world? Then sign up for our Casting Call to find out how you can throw yourself in the mix and… experience the excitement of Movie Lakay first-hand!

movie-lakay_castingWe’ve got so many off-the-hook shows that we’re looking for fresh, new talent all the time in our Casting Call notices. Whether you’re an inspiring actor that enjoys being in front of the camera or someone who likes to play with the camera, there’s sure to be a Movie Lakay show that you’re perfect for.

So don’t miss your chance to be on Movie Lakay and show the whole world your talent. Make people laugh; make them cry; make a crowd stand up and throw their hands in the air (and wave ’em like they just don’t care); or just show them how hot you are! No matter what your specialty is, we just might want you on one of our shows.

Auditions start soon.

All auditions will be posted online at If you do not want your auditions to be posted online, please do not sign up for this ad.

For more info: [email protected]
phone: USA|954.709.3853  CANADA|514.962.1503

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