Le sacrifice de lamour castingAshley, a beautiful church girl find herself in love with a handsome non-Christian man, but Jacob who is a real Christian brother doesn’t see any body else to be with but Ashley. Unfortunately, Ashley doesn’t have any feelings for Jacob. Some of you may have been abused physically, mentally, and emotionally in a Relationship, but you wonder if you will ever fall in love again after all you have been through?

Tima Productions: Seeking casting
Ashley: 25 well educated, spiritual, fluent in Creole and English
James: under 35 real (player), persuader, fluent in Creole
Jacob: 25 to 30 a church man, educated, great sense of humor
Diane: under 30 Registered Nurse great sense of humor and educated
Rosie: over 18 to 30 Ashley friend
Abigail: 18 to 30 Ashley friends
John over 30 or look 30’s police officer

For consideration bring photo’s or email professional pictures please
Location: 2923 south Federal High way Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Info reflexionmovie@yahoo.com

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