Loving Zanmi is the story of a car dealership manager in Orlando named Terry who is living a life of romance, scandal, and heartbreak. He spends most of his time trying to repair a desperate relationship. Natalie, the fiancée, is a tall gorgeous looking woman unsure of settling down. The characters deal with the conflict of whether or not the opposite sex can really just be friends. When Terry finds out about Natalie’s secret life the tables half turn.

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  • TheHaitianMan 6 years ago

    I can’t Wait to see that Movie: a great cast and i like the trailer.

  • G9concept 6 years ago

    woww that’s great, we have a Haitian Denzel now. Interesting !!! the story looks great so far. Good job guys !!!!

  • courtenay 5 years ago

    ok how do i see the film ?