Light of the forgotten Movie Synopsis:

Who will change the course of Ayiti? When will she get better? After a harsh and unfortunate accident of a close family member, Zuli soon finds out why her impoverished country is in the state that it is today…. She realizes to save her sister’s life she will urgently need to leave behind the current domineering Haitian mentality.

Will she play into her family’s accustomed blame games and follow their nonchalant footsteps or will Zuli adapt those of her fearsome ancestors who had a different vision of how life should be lived? Either or, this frantic and unique journey helps her discover the key to saving her beloved Ayiti, but can she do it before it’s too late?

Characters breakdown:

1-ZULI- Protagonist, brown skin female, btwn 23-28 yo; athletic, sassy, dynamic, daring and lively. Zuli sees through the “bs” of her family especially her mother. She is respectful but also witty, speaks the truth to everyone no matter what. She is the chosen one who will change destiny. Zuli’s character is very strong and her eyes tell a lot. (Actress must be able to show lots of emotions through the eyes)

2-SALIN- btwn 27-31 yo old, medium to dark skin male. Salin is tall, slim and very toned. He is well known hustler, and the most wanted drug dealer of the government’s list. Despite that, Salin is a revolutionary, a radical. He’s lost his wife and daughter in the massive earthquake. He believes in designing his own life, and follow his own rules. He hates America and wants his old life. He is involved in all sorts of illegal activities and deals drugs in the States. He is currently dating Zaren for the wrong reasons.

3-ZAREN-Salin’s girlfriend, Haitian-American female of Arab descent. She is a spoiled 23-28 yo old brat, who doesn’t do much bur live off her parents prominent business in Haiti. She is a brand new drug addict and is dating Salin for easy access to those drugs. She is loud, obnoxious, provocative, hot headed and respects no one. Zaren is defensive when people finds out she is Haitian due to her lighter skin complexion. She suffers from the “I’m mixed” complex.

4-FLAVIA- White European lady, in her early 30s, tall and slim like a runway model. She has dark hair with light eyes and pale skin. She is bossy and speaks with a European accent. She’s also involved in illegal activities. She delivers the drugs in the neighborhoods. She is the main distributor in Salin’s region. She’s a business woman with no time in hand to play.

5-SOLANJ- She is the mother of Zuli. She is in her early forties with a young face. Medium built, she operates on a guilty conscience due to her past mistakes. Her point of views are limited and restricted and hypocritical. She is a “born Again” Christian that forces her views on others.

6-KETLY- She is Zuli’s aunt and Solanj’s sister. She is in her mid forties. She no longer wants to identify with anything associated with Haiti and rejects her culture, roots and language. She’s an arrogant woman who speaks with a heavy Haitian accent. She is fake, pretentious, with a negative attitude. She is a hypocrite who lives beyond her means, and points the finger at others for her bad decisions. She’s the mother of two young teenagers.

7-THE ORACLE- “Mambo Zong Long lan” (The long nailed Witch) nicknamed given to her by Ketly and Solanj. Older woman in her 50-60s. She is a blind clairvoyant and is the connector between the past and future. WIth strong facial features, she also speaks through her eyes. Soft spoken, she is mysterious and wise. She wears colorful traditional Haitian dresses head pieces and loves to dance.

8- DOCTOR CANNAY — Male doctor in his mid to late forties with good articulation and a strong presence on camera. We are open minded for this role.

Please read carefully:

This is a non-union job. You do NOT have to be Haitian to be in this movie but it’s a plus if you can mimik different accents.

This is a non-paying project that will be submitted to local and international film festivals with potential of getting nominated for awards. Auditions will be held on Friday August 19th at 2pm (inquire for location). We will start shooting in the first week of September. We are looking for fun actors with a professional attitude. Please email your headshots and resumes. Let us know which character you are applying for in the subject line. OTHER ROLES ARE AVAILABLE AND WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR EXTRAS. Hope to hear from you all

Shooting Location: New York

Please email us your headshots and resumes at lightoftheforgotten@mail.c​om . Creole and french speaking actors especially of Caribbean background are strongly encouraged to apply.

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