Beloved Comedic Actor Johnny Fleurinord well-known as Tonton Nord passed away this morning Thursday July 28, 2011 in a hospital in Gonaives, Haiti from “complications due to Kidney ailment,” a source told Movie Lakay.  He was 36. No other details were available and his manager asked that his family’s privacy be respected.

Tonton Nord’s career started in 2000 when he called a radio station and began to speak like an old man. “Actually it was my grandfather I was portraying”, he told  Belfim. He told a lot of jokes on the air, then hung up the phone. So many people loved the old-man’s voice that the director of the radio station offered him free air-time for his own comedy show.

Tonton Nord movie credits include: Oh Dieu Protege Mon Mariage (2010), Zafe Pa Nou (2009), Ti Fi Paste-a 3 (2009), Bwe Tafya Respeke Boutey (2008), Jan-w wel la (2008), Oasis (2008), Xtreme Blue (2008), Move Vwazen (2007), Ti Fi Paste-a 2 (2007), Pa Fye Lom (2006), Ti Fi Paste-a (2006).

May he rest in peace.

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  • Bouya 6 years ago

    The Good die young. R.I.P sir, you’ll be missed.

  • JAMES W SAINTPREUX 6 years ago

    The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability. This morning the news of the late actor/comedian Johnny Fleurinord aka TONTON NORD has ravished my entire existence for a moment and quickly came to realize that we work, save, and plan for the future. Is there really a future if tomorrow is not certain, if we are mortal? As a new filmmaker in this awesome industry, I respect and honor all those who were here before me and encourage many to join us to make the Haitian cinema better and stronger as TONTON NORD was doing. The world is always unkind to new talents, new creations. But Johnny Fleurinord came and embraced our cinematic world and added a new flavor to it : TONTON NORD. Although there are many of its kind but his character was bold, funny and unique. It is difficult to imagine more humble foundation than what Johnny had gave us but simply he had thought us that not everyone can become a great artist but a great artist can come from anywhere. I never had a chance to meet him in person but his works had rocked me to the core. I learned through him that it is each of us who needs to help all of us for the advancement of movie industry.
    I present to his family and friends my dearest and utmost sympathy. May God guide and protect you in this moment of loss and sorrow. Know that he lives forever because he lives in us.
    James W. SaintPreux

  • R I P Brother

  • May your soul R.I.P Tonton Nord, Haitians cinema will be missed you!!

  • REGINALD CALVERT 6 years ago


  • Farah Alcide 6 years ago

    What a life gone too soon!
    You will be missed brother…

  • Rosa Holt 6 years ago

    34 yrs old such a short life. we will all miss u.

  • frantz 6 years ago

    R.I.P to you Brother sad news

  • johanne 6 years ago

    i will miss u so much R.I.P my friend

  • WOW!!! so so young….oh mon Dieu, open the haven door for him.

  • louwrencekar jeanniton 6 years ago

    may your soul R.I.P Tonton nord

  • Julie Island Beauty 6 years ago

    Johnny Fleurinord a.k.a Tonton Nord u will be miss sweetheart but never forgotten….My family and i would have movie night and Tonton Nord cherie was the only one we all wanted to watch because everything he would say was always to real and so true….I wish i had the chance to meet him,he was funny and there’s no one else out there like him,i truly felt he was apart of my family because we watch him all the time….Tonton Nord your gone now but we will never forget all the joy u brought into our life…My prayers go out to the Fleurinord family….We love u and we miss u Johnny a.k.a Tonton Nord