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After rescuing Rachel (Sheila Mocombe) from the Haitian mafia, Phillipe (Marc Anthony Delerme) has been tested by the power of the Haitian mob which will spawn an assassin.

The Birth Of An Assassin is a new film from JD Production.

Directed by Joan “Tutu” Demosthene.

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The Birth of an Assassin Premiere

Photos from the premiere of The Birth of an Assassin movie. July 19th, 2009: North Miami Performing Arts Theater

Watch the Premiere Video Coverage! Check out the Premiere Photos?

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  • Jean Francois 8 years ago

    Oh dang! this is hollywood sh*t

  • Ronel 8 years ago

    Yeah I agree – this isn’t no haitian movie. tight work

  • Dormaine aka Dodo 8 years ago

    excellent thriller and is well-worth checking out.

  • Arold 8 years ago

    bon bagay

  • Jean-Marie 8 years ago

    I hope the full movie is as good as this trailer. Let’s see more of it – a clip would help

  • Sonia Mon-Premier 8 years ago

    Looks like an intense, violent, bite-your-nails-to-the-quick Haitian thriller.

  • Woody 8 years ago

    Marc Anthony Delerme is our new Haitian action hero. Keep it up

  • The Birth of an Assassin is an intelligent, well-acted movie, a little smarter and more sly than most Haitian action movies. YES MovieLakay said it! Thanks to Joan “Tutu” Demosthene (Director) and his assistant for providing all images and trailers. Thanks to all users who left comments and thanks to those who will support Tutu on July 19, 2009.

  • richard joseph 8 years ago

    no lie i have shown this trailer to my white friends at F.I.U they freaking love it. yes we have work to show other nation. exactly what we’ve been waiting for. the age of makak and malpropreter is over.this is the real deal. these guys just gave me a reason to be a number one fan real talk yo.
    it’s about time… we’ve been waiting TUTU
    i love your work bro.

  • emanuel 8 years ago

    holly crap. their goes the film revolution in the haitian industry.these guys know what their doing. i’l be there to see this one.

  • This movie’s gonna be a hit in the HMI.. Can’t wait to see it.. Boston ap tan movie sa tankou pate cho!

  • mackenson Joseph 8 years ago

    wow!! this is good guys keep it up, because my time is coming soon to blow up.

  • It’s a movement be focus and positive but do not forget you do it on behalf of Haitians! most importantly Haiti! one Love to all movies makers who willing to take the risk for the next level!!! YA!! Haitians!!! better be more supportive!!! and stop Hating!!! One love for TUTU and Delerme from the heart of ADF

  • J.D ENTERTAINMENT 8 years ago


  • FANATIC BON BAGAY 8 years ago


  • this movie premier was incredible. the movie itself was the best ever made by a Haitian producer. The event was fantastic well organized by one of te best crew. The setting and the theme was well put together, the atmosphere was fierce. The KRJ Events Planner is as far the best planner i ever encounter. they 3 ladies take care of all the activities including: decorations, themes, setting, sitting, welcoming, taking away the tickets and acknowledge the viewers of the after party, they even make sure that everyone gets in, they apologize for the inconvenient etc… these ladies make it a night to remember. To all the actors and the producer congratulations. thx

  • Carline 8 years ago

    Instead of saying that “this ain’t no Haitian movie”, we should applaud the fact that through this particular movie (The birth of an assasin), Haitian cinema is moving towards earning the respect of some tough critics. The bar is set by Hollywood, and after watching this film, I can honestly say that Haitian producers/actors have definitely set forth to reaching it. Congratulations Mr. Tutu and all others involved, keep up the good work.

  • FANATIC BON BAGAY 8 years ago

    yes with tears in my eyes i will say yes i am freaking proud of these guys man. i saw a white lady saying that Denzel washington got nothing on T Delerme . that made my night. yes we are haitian and yes this movie is hot

  • michel durand 8 years ago

    there we go again,guys u can’t make action flicks,kz u dnt have a Brian Grazer or a Jerry Brucheimer to produce it, stop the non-sense!

  • Luoibert 8 years ago

    Michel Durand arretez vod conneries la jalousie ne peut pas stopper le fruit de ce film, c’est un tres bon film, why are talking about Brian Grazer or Jerry Brucheimer who did the lighting for them Spilberg, was Arnold shwazeneger there, now you have to stop it, out of a thousand people you think that you have cinemaview to critize this movie, let me tell you this, menmsi fim sa pat bon pou jan moun yo renmen e se tout moun ki remenl you should stop your non-sense, then again learn how to critize a movie go to
    just copy and paste this link to your browser
    je vous laisse tout en esperant de vous revoir encore lors de la prochaine projection de ce film.

  • Fabienne LOVE 7 years ago

    mezanmi TUTU mwen kontan anpil wi m we moun kap copye saw fe bazz ASSASSAIN mwen ave nou 100% toujou fe pou yo copye

  • kurosawa 7 years ago

    Happy Birthday big boy! Bouyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • thank God…i missed the premiere, finally gonna see this lol nice.

  • HA HA 7 years ago

    Yon bon zanmi fem konnen, fim sa-a pa gen an-yen ki orijinal ladann; se komsi-w tap gade “scary movie”.
    Se kopi pati lot fim selman. Pa gen aksyon ki enpresyone ankenn moun.

  • Jean Senat 7 years ago

    Mwen we B.O.A.A deja gen efo ki fet, aksyon yo pat mal. Frem-yo se pa peye yo peyem pou sam pral ekri la-a: Mwen we MECHAN DOU dimanch-la, sam we m paka pale. Fim sa-a gen “STUNT” kem poko janm we ou janm ap we nan sinema Ayisyen, mwen resi we aksyon nan yon fim Ayisyen ke-m paka konprann. WESNER CALIXTE fe yon trava’y san pare’y. Fim sa-a “MECHAN DOU” #1 fim aksyon Ayisyen.

  • Samy b. 7 years ago

    Bri kouri yo di LALA bat B.O.A.A. Nan tet.

  • Anthony 7 years ago

    they said it and it happen, this movie changed the face of our industry…tell me how many action movie you came out before the birth of an assassin. now go look at the trailers in movie lakay in tell me how many action movies coming out after assassin in just one year. thats how its done I dont care what people say…if its not TuTu Demosthene, its Samuel v im not buying noby elses movie until they show improvement like these guys.

  • HA HA 7 years ago

    Lala fe kem bat fo le-m tap gade-la, pa konpare-l ak fim ki fem sonje ti pati nan lot fim. Sa-a se foli fe fim, yo poko pre pou sa. Yo paka pale tenten anko paske yo we Lala; Bann ipokrit. Nap kontinye fe pwogre.

  • Kraze Brize 7 years ago

    Mwen renmen sispens nan fim sa-a ak bri zam yo. Kout pwen fan- nan pi bel ke pa mesye yo lol. Aksyon- yo pa fini e yo pase two vit mwen pa konpran yo. Bel efo kenbe pa lage.

  • kalito D. 7 years ago

    Apesi-a bon, eseye montre nou plis bel aksyon ke mizik. Mwen we Ayisyen ap komanse fe bel fim aksyon. BRAVO.

  • Kritik Fim Ayisyen 7 years ago

    Nan Kritik Fim Ayisyen, nou pa aplodi ak fim ki fèt nan lanj ki pa pou nou san tradiksyon anba-l. Fim sayo pa FIM AYISYEN, nou rele yo: FIM TI SEKTÈ. Yon fim Ayisyen dwe fèt pou tout AYISYEN k’ap viv lakay ak lòt kote nan planèt-la konprann san pwoblèm.
    Dapre analyz pa nou, nan KRITK FIM AYISYEN, nou bay (Birth Of An Assassin) 6.9/10 Nou pa rayi apèsi fim sa-a. Nou rete kwè li te ka pi bon toujou. Bèl efò, kembe-la.
    Si-w vle konnen pou ki rezon ou byen de ki prevyen, pa pè ekri nou nan paske nou menm nou pa pè chay.
    N’ap travay di poun voye makèt-la monte PI WO toujou.

  • To Anthony, who made a comment that he will never buy another Haitian action movie, wait until you see the movie Mechan might change your mind.

  • butterfly dancers 7 years ago

    this message is for whoever is the sponsor of this website. i would to have contact with T.Delerme because i have a huge crush on him. i would love to go on a date with him.

  • Nadya 7 years ago

    I want my money back.
    The beginning was good and than after 5 mins, it was all crap; what happen to the actions?
    It was just loud noise for nothing.
    Do you guys really call this a movie?

    • Carlinefrancois88 6 years ago

      hater loser sluter wake up and stop hating 

  • CHEF MOVIE 7 years ago

    This movie wasn’t too bad, for an HAITIAN movie I give it 5 out of 10. The quality was on and off = OK and BAD. The beginning was OK and the end was a turn off. I was expected to see more good actions or to be amaze by some good stunts. You guys need to work on the fights (train before the movie), the gun effects (get some heavy weapons) and training Hobie before shooting the next movie. It’s not a bad start.

  • Piraflix 7 years ago

    Finally saw it in its entirety.

    I think the previews might have set expectations a bit too high. While the movie was great it had several shortcomings. Not sure if they changed cameras in between shootings, but the visuals took a beating in between. For this industry, the fight scene was good.
    This is one of the movies where you need to have an original copy at your house to share wt. non Haitian friends in order to impress them about Haitian movies.

    For now, I rest with a score of 6.5/10
    After watching this movie, I realize that the story was similar to something I saw back in 2007 (Not on DVD). It reminds me of Bal Rouj from 2007 where the protagonist Junior Metellus (from Pluie d’Espoir) was in T. Delerme predicament.

    For now, I rest with a score of 6.5/10

  • THE_TRUTH 7 years ago

    I LIKE IT—

  • Clnmike 7 years ago

    As far as independent/Haitian action movies go this was above the curve in terms of plot and action. But the movies short comings took away from what should have been an easy standard revenge flick. Man loses family to violent thugs, man goes on a bloody path to revenge. Its the type of plot that always win, that being said, when you make a movie that has been done over and over again you start noticing the failures in details. The dialogue between the actors was stiff at times, like you can tell the actors were focusing on remembering their lines as oppose to saying them, at other times you just knew they were reading them straight off the script. The time line between when. the lead was shot and his “miraculous” recovery was fuzzy. The complete absence of police in this “bloody” tale was just blatantly obvious. I put the word bloody in quotations because ironically the lack of actual blood in many of the kills in the movie. The lead villain Machete who walks around with a machete, (how original of a name), slice and dices through out the movies yet some how stays clean of blood splatters. As one commentator pointed out the visuals changed in mid film that was obvious for anyone to see.

    Yet with all of that I still recommend this film, it is an ambitious project that falls short on the little things but is tops as far as Haitian action movies go and I am sure will be a blue print for others to follow if not improve upon. This one gets an automatic cult classic status in my opinion and a must have in anyone’s collection.(B-)