Haitian movie directors Charmy M. and Robenson Lauvince joined fellow artists Rock Fam, I&I, Tooboo, FLAV from Gabel, Nu Mention, and actor Tonton Nord to sing for Haiti effort.

The video entitled “Haiti Men Nan Men” is directed by Robenson Lauvince.

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  • very good job guys! best video for the earthquake that shows us you are thinking about haiti n proud to be haitian. may God bless you all for this nice song you’re giving people for free. you guys are the bomb.

    napfe bon bagay sou mache a, se sel nouk konsa pagen anko, map mache ave nou jouk li jou.
    Mayah pimp 4 life

  • NATHALIE 8 years ago

    i love roby so much

  • Laura jack 8 years ago

    Wow. I love it. I love u Robenson l. I’m ur bigest fan..muahxxx

  • Linda 8 years ago

    I like that… Mezanmi me roby ak chamy ap travay ansanm…that’s good.

  • PAPA DOC 8 years ago


  • ronald 8 years ago

    mwen ta renmen konnen Roby avec Charmy kiyes ki pi fo??????

  • julie 8 years ago

    Roby..map swetew sukse mwen panse ou gen anpil avni. mwen renmen travay ou yo anpil…bonne chance…….ur fan #!

  • edette 6 years ago

    that  nice song  for  haiti good  job