There’s been a bit of a frantic flurry today, with thousands of fans asking Movie Lakay and Googling and Twittering madly, “Is Jesifra dead?”

Well, Jesifra is ALIVE.

On Sunday September 27th, 2009, Movie Lakay caught up with Fernel Valcourt, well known as Jesifra,  before his show at the North Miami Senior High School for a short interview to make it clear that he is alive.

Rumors of the Haitian comedian Jesifra’s demise came from Haiti through phone and text messages . The message reported that  Jesifra died “in a car accident in Haiti”.

As word raced over the Internet, Movie Lakay fielded more than 300 phone calls and e-mails from Jesifra’s fans asking us if he really died.

“If he was dead, Movie Lakay would know about it,” said Francy Seneque, a Movie Lakay’s spokesman.

Unfortunately, we also learned that one of Jesifra’s troupe members died while performing on stage in Cap Haitien, Haiti.  We at send our sincere condolences to the family.

We are glad Jesifra is alive.

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  • thank movie lakay you for this. Now I finally believe it.

  • Florane 8 years ago

    We love you Jesifra and we will keep you in our prayers