Freshly arriving from Haiti, Jerry brings to Miami a book passed down to him by his grandfather entitled: 101 Secrets of a Casa Nova.

He uses this book as a guide to seduce, and make the women fall in love with him. Wanting to follow in his footsteps,

Bony and Jean Carlo try to learn the steps to become a true “Player.” Bony uses the formulas he learned from the guide to capture the heart of a young woman he has had his eye on.

Jerry’s agenda to manipulate, humiliate, and mislead women falls down hill when he decides to play with the hearts/minds of two sisters, Kimberly and Stephanie.

Fed up with Jerry’s “Player” mentality, the two girls seek the help of their cousin from California, Patricia.

Roles will be reversed where Patricia will now seduce the seducer himself.

Finally, the player gets a taste of his own medicine.

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