A new film directed by Desma Duclair aka Katalog

Behind The Scenes: Rasin Mwen

A few bloopers from the film Rasin Mwen - un film de Robinson Vil.

Victorieux Ou Morts, Mais Jamais Prisonniers

Le 28 juillet 1958, des ex-officiers de l'Armée d'Haïti en provenance de la Floride débarquent à Délugé, au nord de la capitale haïtienne. Ils prennent possession des Casernes Dessalines situées à l'arrière du Palais National.

Against the Jab

Radio Personality, Michael Washington, known as "DJ Mike" makes fun of people's lives with prank phone calls on his radio show, JAB STAB. His jokes make his show #1 of all morning talk show in the state. However, behind the scenes of the radio show, many unpredictable events develop in Mike's personal life. It leads to an adventure that brings him to the brink of disaster, fighting for his own survival. Will he persevere?

We Love You Anne

Grand Premiere Sunday July 14th, 2013 at North Miami Senior High School. 13110 NE 8th Ave, North Miami FL 33161 6-8PM & 8-10PM ADM: $20.00 For info: 786-285-9447 / 561-536-8786

Toussaint L’ouverture

Jimmy Jean-Louis stars as Toussaint Louverture in what will be a 2-part TV-movie

Unconditional Love

Trailer for Unconditional Love movie Starring Reginald Lubin, Betty Lemite, Anne Joseph

Ogou Le Revenant (Teaser)

OGOU LE REVENANT is an action-thriller set in Port-Au-Prince about the death, the return and the retribution wrought by a man whose world is turned inside out after a massive betrayal. OLR takes us through the real Po...

Dancing in The Shadow of Love Movie Updates

Below are some updates from Tutu Demosthene's upcoming movie Dancing in The Shadow of Love.

Nominees Announced for Frantz Design 6th Haitian Movie Awards

Frantz Design just announced the nominees for the 6th annual Frantz Design Haitian Movie Awards. The awards show, to be hosted by Valerio Saint-Louis, is scheduled for April 27, 2014 in New York.

Tutu Demosthene’s New Movie Cast Revealed

Director Tutu Demosthene's new movie Dancing in the Shadow of Love comes yet another step closer to reality: ten members of the film's cast and three crews were announced today.

Ciné Institute’s Haiti Optimiste Date Announced

FIAF & Ciné Institute just announced that this year's Haiti Optimiste event will be held on Thursday, February 20th in New York City.

6th Annual Frantz Design Haitian Movie Award Date Announced

Frantz Design Haitian Movie Award ceremony takes place on Sunday April 27, 2014, at the Hilton Hotel in Queens, New York.

Rasin Mwen: Cast Interview

Interview with cast from the Haitian feature Film "Rasin Mwen" (My Roots) written and directed by Robinson Vil.

Interview with Actor Dadou Dorval

Movie Lakay interviews actor Dadou Dorval a.k.a Pè Da on his upcoming movie Blanc Carl Noire that hits theater March 22, 2014.

Inteview with ‘Loving Zanmi’ Cast

MovieLakay caught up with 'Loving Zanmi' stars Delpha Clarke and Hubermann Saintil

Mora Jr. Etienne Talks About “Le Prix a Payer” and New TV Show

Haitian movie director and actor Mora Jr. Etienne talks about "Le Prix a Payer" and upcoming TV Series MaRoZo.

The Heavenly Side of Hell

From Tutu Desmosthene, the acclaimed director of The Birth of an Assassin, comes the action-packed movie that will blow your mind. Shot in Miami and Haiti, The Heavenly Side of Hell will hit the theaters soon.

Les 3 Imposteurs (Sa’w fe se li’w we)

Il est tout dans ce film, mecanicien, Matoman, Doctor, Diaspora, Hougan. Lui, Elle et lui un resau de trois mafia, quand il est question de frics, ils sont prets a tout. ( Les 3 Imposteurs) Tout Nouveau film de Greffi...

Remo 3

Remo 3:  a Smith Cassamajor film.  Directed by Charmy M DVD now in stores. Click buy now to order REMO 3 starring Sheila Pierre, Aaron Lassin, Desma Duclair. [View Remo 3 Premiere Photos] Produced by ...


Action movie about a girl who came back from the army to take care of the murderers that took her family's life.  A Film By Desma Duclair Aka Catalogue. Starring Magdaluna Georges aka Mercedes, Vladimir Virgile. No...