Tôt ou Tard

Tôt ou Tard is a film by Luceus Joseph Marie.

Port-au-Prince, Dimanche 4 Janvier

4 Janvier 2004, Haïti. Célébration du bicentenaire de la déclaration d'indépendance. Depuis des mois, des manifestations étudiantes et populaires protestent contre la dictatuire du "Prophète", le Président Aristide. T...

Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers

A doctor-turned sociopath develops the ultimate, addictive, illegal drug and will stop at nothing to get it in the hands of 'customers'.

Hello Girl Goodbye

Watch the official trailer for "Hello Girl Goodbye" directed by Jeff Emmanuel Fleuridort and produced by Frantz Carly Jean Michel.

Dancing in the Shadow of Love

Director Tutu Demosthene has just released the trailer for his upcoming romantic/comedy movie "Dancing in the Shadow of Love" starring Blondedy Ferdinand, Tony Delerme, Paulson Azemar, Tricia Craan, Huberman Saintil, Hudson Accius, and Tico Armand.

Toussaint L’ouverture

Jimmy Jean-Louis stars as Toussaint Louverture in what will be a 2-part TV-movie

Unconditional Love

Trailer for Unconditional Love movie Starring Reginald Lubin, Betty Lemite, Anne Joseph

Ogou Le Revenant (Teaser)

OGOU LE REVENANT is an action-thriller set in Port-Au-Prince about the death, the return and the retribution wrought by a man whose world is turned inside out after a massive betrayal. OLR takes us through the real Po...

MPAH Haiti Movie Awards 2016: See the Complete Winners List

The MPAH Haiti Movie Awards celebrated its 6th anniversary at the John Hancock Hall in Boston, MA, on Sunday, November 6, with some of the biggest names in Haitian cinema. "Bastard Son Of A Thousand Fathers" bl...

Jean Claude Guillaume dies after battle with colon cancer

Jean Claude Guillaume passed away in a Boston hospital earlier today after a long battle with colon cancer. Guillaume was 51.

Here Are the 2016 MPAH Haiti Movie Awards Nominations

The Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MPAH) announced the nominations for the 6th annual Haiti Movie Awards.

Interview with Frantz Carly Jean Michel – Producer of “Hello Girl Goodbye”

MovieLakay interviews Frantz Carly Jean Michel - producer of "Hello Girl Goodbye."

Dancing in the Shadow of Love Premiere – Red Carpet Interviews

MovieLakay interviews actors and moviegoers at the premiere of Tutu Demosthene's latest film "Dancing in the Shadow of Love Premiere" starring Blondedy Ferdinand, Tony Delerme, Huberman Saintil, Paulson Azemar and Tricia Craan.

Interview with Director Tutu Demosthene: Dancing in the Shadow of Love

Interview with "Dancing in the Shadow of Love" director Tutu Demosthene. "Dancing in the Shadow of Love" hits theaters July 26, 2015.

Huberman Saintil & Francillon Pierre Interview – Noratus et Les Mafias (2015)

Interview with Huberman Saintil and Francillon Pierre for Noratus et les Mafias movie.

The Heavenly Side of Hell

From Tutu Desmosthene, the acclaimed director of The Birth of an Assassin, comes the action-packed movie that will blow your mind. Shot in Miami and Haiti, The Heavenly Side of Hell will hit the theaters soon.

Les 3 Imposteurs (Sa’w fe se li’w we)

Il est tout dans ce film, mecanicien, Matoman, Doctor, Diaspora, Hougan. Lui, Elle et lui un resau de trois mafia, quand il est question de frics, ils sont prets a tout. ( Les 3 Imposteurs) Tout Nouveau film de Greffi...

Remo 3

Remo 3:  a Smith Cassamajor film.  Directed by Charmy M DVD now in stores. Click buy now to order REMO 3 starring Sheila Pierre, Aaron Lassin, Desma Duclair. [View Remo 3 Premiere Photos] Produced by ...


Action movie about a girl who came back from the army to take care of the murderers that took her family's life.  A Film By Desma Duclair Aka Catalogue. Starring Magdaluna Georges aka Mercedes, Vladimir Virgile. No...